Eat Pizza. Save the planet.

Plant-based. Meat-free. All-natural. Planet-friendly. Made for you.


About us

Such big changes don’t happen overnight, and everyone is on a different part of the food spectrum – ranging from an I-love-everything carnivore to a raw-from the-source vegan.

That’s why our menu is designed for everyone who wants to eat mind-blowingly great pizza but not compromise on guilty pleasures. We exist to become game-changers – making delicious plant-based pizza that’s not just for vegans.

You can order from us in London at locations in Limehouse, Fulham, Commercial Road, Tower Bridge, Islington, Wimbledon and Lavender Hill.

And we’re growing, so keep in touch to find out when we make it to your postcode.

We’re on a mission to save the planet, one pizza at a time. We’re doing this by providing amazing meat and dairy-free alternatives to pizza-lovers everywhere, supporting local producers and reducing waste in every part of our business.
Pretty awesome, right? We think so.

Our global community is facing one of the most massive challenges in the history of the planet and by reducing meat and dairy consumption, we can all reduce our carbon footprints. We want to make this possible for everyone without compromising on the taste and experience of fantastic pizza.

plant-based meat-free


Green Goat Pizza is committed to championing sustainability in everything we do.
Our operations, menus, packaging and supply chains are specially designed to
reduce our carbon footprint and help our community reduce theirs too. Scroll through below to find out more:

Our menu and ingredients

We make delicious pizza with a conscience. When it comes to fresh ingredients, we only choose the very best. And we source ingredients in a way that minimises distances they need to travel.

We also avoid highly-processed “fake” meats since they still use a lot of energy to produce and there isn’t much to write home about nutritionally. So we use plant-based meat and cheese alternatives wherever we can.


Every part of our packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. And we’re continually exploring ways to introduce reusable packaging wherever we can.


Air pollution caused by petrol scooters is harmful to the environment — and especially bad for children and vulnerable people in the community. We believe we can do better. So we’re converting our entire delivery fleet to only use electric scooters by the end of 2021. Whilst we’re on our way, we offset all our deliveries until we hit that target.


Got questions? Concerns?

Feedback? Get in touch by dropping us an email. 

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Hear from Paul, the Green Goat founder about why we started Green Goat Pizza and where you can get your hands on some!