Founder’s Statement

At Green Goat, we like our food to play on the pun: ‘goat for you, goat for the planet’. Which might make these next two statements sound like a contradiction – but hear us out.

We’re actually all sinners. And vegetarian and vegan food shouldn’t be a ‘minus’; lacking the taste that meat affords.

None of us are perfect. And we’re not here to preach. Plant-based food doesn’t have to mean grub that is somehow ‘lacking’. We want to serve up really nice food that’s not a painful process to digest.

And it’s time we stopped harping on about having to do the plant-based diet ‘perfectly’.

If we could all be a little more conscious of where we get our foodie fuel, that would have more impact than 1 in 100 of us converting to veganism. Plant-based chomping need not be a chore.

So, listen up: our pizzas are lovely. They just happen to be vegan and vegetarian.

Where did our philosophy come from? We realised the narrative surrounding environmentally conscious eating was often negative.

I am not perfect. I am a vegetarian, but I am not vegan. I try to eat plant-based as much as possible, but I don’t lead a completely suffering-free life – because that is an unfortunate impossibility.

And I wasn’t a teenage progressive rebel: I’d just turned forty when I realised going meat-free wasn’t actually particularly painful.

I’m not perfect, but I began to munch on a diet whereby my actions could make the world a slightly better place.
And that’s when I realised: we need to start celebrating how far we’ve come, instead of perpetually worrying that we’re not yet perfect.

So, Green Goat Pizza was born.

You can join the herd whatever you fancy munching. All we hope is that you can use great-tasting pizza to move a little further along on the mindful eating spectrum.

If you want to eat meat, eat organic free-range meat. If you can go vegetarian, well done you. If plant-based munching is your thing, you’ll really love us.

You won’t be judged at Green Goat; you’ll be applauded for doing everything you can.

And we’ll hold our hooves up: we understand honesty is paramount, here. We’re honest about where our food originates.

Honest about the choices we’re making. Honest about how great our pizzas are.

As much as we love grazing on asparagus, do we really need to fly them in from across the globe just so they’re a constant feature? Nope. So, our menu’s seasonal – which means an exciting rotation of specials that make a positive environmental impact.

We’ll deliver to your door but will be sure to carbon off-set all delivery. And we’ll work with local suppliers wherever possible, raising the profile of small businesses who stand by our ethos. Just check out our menu to see who we’ve partnered with this month.

So, that’s Green Goat. We sincerely hope you’ll join the herd.

We’re not promising perfect – because that’s statistically impossible. But we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and we’ve got your back to help you do your best – one insanely tasty plant-based pizza at a time.

Paul, Green Goat Founder